Università degli Studi di Firenze  

Faculty of Economics - Faculty of Political Sciences
Centro Interuniversitario per l'Economia Sperimentale

V workshop LabSi

Firenze - April 27, 2007






Following previous workshops of the recent past, the new "Centro Interuniversitario per l'Economia Sperimentale", which gathers LabSi (Siena), BEELab (Firenze) and Napoli 2 labs, organises a workshop in experimental economics, to be held in Firenze on the 27th April 2007.

Ken Binmore (University College London) is our invited speaker. See the programme here.

Participation is free of charge.

There will be two kinds of presentations:

  • Standard for already or almost completed papers. They will be given about 30 minutes.

  • Short for exchange of ideas on designs and preliminary results. They will be given about 15 minutes.

Submission of papers is now closed.


The organising committee:
Domenico Colucci - Marco Dardi - V.Emanuele Ferrante - Alessandro Innocenti - Annalisa Luporini - Roberto Ricciuti - Vincenzo Valori