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Plenary session - Saturday 4 May 2013

Keynote speaker

Marie Clare Villeval

Marie Claire Villeval
Université de Lyon

"Social networks and peer pressure at work"


Several lab and field experiments have shown contrasted evidence on the impact of feedback on peers' performance on employees' productivity. Almost all of these studies assume that employees interact in groups. They ignore the case where interactions are structured through social networks, although networks are pervasive. In a network, each employee may have his own reference group and thus s/he may be influenced directly by his/her own peers but also indirectly by the peers of his/her peers. In a real-effort laboratory experiment, we form exogenous social networks in which individuals receive information on peers to which they are connected and interact with them either recursively or simultaneously. Considering interactions within social networks instead of groups allows us to solve the standard Manski's reflection problem and to identify the pure endogenous effect of peers on individual behavior. We show that these peer effects are large but gender-specific.



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