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Past editions

BEELab - Behavioural and Experimental Economics Laboratory

Past editions

2007 Florence Experimental Economics Workshop
The first edition was a one-day workshop with 16 communications and Ken Binmore (University College London) as keynote speaker.

2008 Florence Experimental Economics Workshop
For the second edition we organized a one-day workshop with 7 invited speakers: John Hey (LUISS and University of York), Shachar Kariv (University of California, Berkeley) and Jan Tuinstra (Universiteit van Amsterdaam) among others.

2009 Florence Behavioural and Experimental Economics Workshop
The third edition was a two-days workshop devoted to the italian community of experimental economists.

2011 Florence Workshop on Behavioural and Experimental Economics
In this fourth edition the workshop lasted two days with 83 communications and three keynote speakers: Chris Starmer (University of Nottingham), Matthias Sutter (University of Innsbruck and University of Gothenburg) and Frans van Winden (University of Amsterdam).


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