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The Workshop will be held at the University of Firenze from 2 to 4 May 2013. Works will begin at 1pm of Thursday 2 May and will end at 2pm of Saturday 4 May.


Programme schedule

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Programme schedule
Thursday, May 2, 2013
13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:40 Parallel Sessions - A
  Family & Children 1 Signaling 1 Trust 1 Efficiency & Productivity 1 Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 1  
15:40 - 16:55 Parallel Sessions - B
  Efforts 1 Family & Children 2 Corruption & Crime 1 Environment & Risk Contests & Games  
16:55 - 17:15 Coffee Break
17:15 - 17:25 Welcome
17:25 - 18:10

Plenary Session

Oriana Bandiera
London School of Economics
"Incentives in Organizations: Evidence from Field Experiments"

Friday, May 3, 2013
9:00 - 10:40 Parallel Session - C
  Risk 1 Efficiency & Productivity 2 Signaling 2 Cognition & Beliefs 1 Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 2  
10:40 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 11:45

Plenary Session

Uri Gneezy
University of California, San Diego
"Incentives and behavior change"

11:45 - 13:00 Parallel Sessions - D
  Fairness 1 Emotions Efforts 2 Cooperation 1 Cognition & Beliefs 2 Groups & Coordination 1
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:40 Parallel Sessions - E
  Decision Making 1 Biases & Learning Trust 2 Groups & Coordination 2 Social Preferences 1  
15:40 - 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 - 17:40 Parallel Sessions - F
  Methodology Gender Auctions Taxes Groups & Coordination 3  
20:00 - 22:30 Conference Dinner at Villa Bardini
Saturday, May 4, 2013
9:00 - 10:40 Parallel Sessions - G
  Decision Making 2 Preferences Risk 2 Cooperation 2 Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 3  
10:40 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:15 Parallel Sessions - H
  Corruption & Crime 2 Networks & Social Networks Cognition & Beliefs 3 Tournaments & Contests Social Preferences 2 Fairness 2
12:15 - 13:00

Plenary Session

Marie Claire Villeval
Université de Lyon
"Social networks and peer pressure at work"

End of Workshop


Find your session

Name Surname Institution Paper title Session name
Maja Adena Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin Für Sozialforschung Charitable Giving And Nonbinding Contribution-Level Suggestions – Evidence From A Field Experiment Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 1
Anastasia Aladysheva The Graduate Institute Of International Studies And Development Networking And Social Capital: Why Do We Connect? Evidence From The Field Experiments In Burkina Faso. Trust 1
Giuseppe Albanese Bank Of Italy Trust And Preferences: Evidence From Italy’S Survey Data Trust 1
Olivier Armantier Ny Fed Bayesian Preference Learning Biases & Learning
Igor Asanov Max Planck Institute Of Economics And Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Long-Run Effects Of Subsidies On Trust Trust 1
Giuseppe Attanasi University Of Strasbourg An experiment on resource and welfare division through a modified trust game Fairness 2
Katherine Baldiga Ohio State University Gender And Group Decisions: Eliciting And Acting Upon Expertise Groups & Coordination 3
Guillermo Baquero Esmt European School Of Management And Technology Fairness Sharing Gains And Losses: The Generosity Effect Fairness 1
Lory Barile University Of Bath Government Signals And Environmental Morale: Individual And Cultural Differences Towards Recycling. Environment & risk
Anna Bassi University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Someone Likes It Skewed: An Experimental Analysis Of Skewness And Risk Aversion Risk 1
Sascha Behnk Universitat Jaume I, Castellón, Spain Reducing Deception Through Subsequent Transparency - An Experimental Investigation Signaling 1
Michele Belot University Of Edinburgh Changing Eating Habits – A Field Experiment In Primary Schools Family & Children 1
Carlos Bethencourt Universidad De La Laguna Morality And Tax Evasion In A Dynamic Framework Taxes
Leonardo Boncinelli Dipartimento Di Economia E Management, Università Degli Studi Di Pisa Persuasion With Reference Cues And Elaboration Costs Cognition & Beliefs 1
Teodora Boneva University Of Cambridge New Evidence On The Intergenerational Transmission Of Risk Preferences Family & Children 1
Guido Borà Università Di Siena The Evolution Of A Social Network In A Higher School. A Field Experiment Networks & Social Networks
Stefania Bortolotti University Of Bologna Are Students Representative? Methodology
Dominique Cappelletti Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy Language And Group Identity As Determinants Of Social Capital: An Artefactual Field Experiment Groups & Coordination 1
Sandro Casal School Of Social Sciences, University Of Trento Social Esteem Versus Social Stigma: The Role Of Anonymity In A Voluntary Contribution Game. Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 1
Marco Casari University Of Bologna The Coordination Value Of Monetary Exchange: Experimental Evidence Groups & Coordination 3
Fortuna Casoria Maastricht University Labor Market Gift-Exchange And Output Market Competition Social Preferences 1
Simona Cicognani University Of Trento, Department Of Economics And Management Social Norms Or Low-Cost Heuristics? An Experimental Investigation Of Imitative Behaviour Biases & Learning
Lubomír Cingl Charles University In Prague Risk Preferences Under Acute Psychosocial Stress Cognition & Beliefs 1
Lucas Coffman Ohio State U Interpersonal Influence Social Preferences 1
James C. Cox Georgia State University Status Quo Effects In Fairness Games: Reciprocal Responses To Acts Of Commission Vs. Acts Of Omission Social Preferences 1
Paolo Crosetto Max Planck Institute For Economics, Jena, Germany A Theoretical And Experimental Appraisal Of Five Risk Elicitation Methods Risk 1
Patricio Dalton Tilburg University Does The Unemployment Benefit Program Affect Workers Productivity? Evidence From A Field Experiment In Colombia Efficiency & Productivity 2
Donja Darai University Of Zurich Lead Us Not Into Temptation: The Effects Of Leadership On Unethical Conduct Groups & Coordination 3
Joyce Delnoij Utrecht University School Of Economics To Bid Or To Buy? Heterogeneous Bidders' Preferences Over Auction Mechanisms. Auctions
David Dickinson Appalachian State University Cognitive Resource Depletion, Choice Consistency, And Risk Preferences Cognition & Beliefs 1
Eugen Dimant University Of Paderborn, Germany Individual Corruptibility And Ambiguous Earnings - An Experimental Approach Corruption & Crime 1
Michalis Drouvelis University Of Birmingham The Effects Of Anger And Happiness On Pro-Social Behaviour Emotions
Laarni Escresa European University Institute .Social Stigma, Heuristics And Criminal Law Corruption & Crime 1
Francesco Fallucchi The University Of Nottingham Information Feedback And Contest Structure In Rent-Seeking Games Contests & Games
Gerlinde Fellner Ulm University Peer Pressure In Multi-Dimensional Work Tasks Efforts 1
Antonio Filippin University Of Milan And Now For Something Completely Different: Females Are Not More Risk Averse Than Males Risk 1
Bryan Foltice University Of Muenster Determining The Appropriate Training To Decrease The Amortization And Exponential Growth Bias: Experience Vs. Rules Biases & Learning
Spyros Galanis University Of Southampton Deception: The Role of Perceptions and Peer Information Signaling 1
Diego Gambetta European University Institute Cooperation Without Altruism: The Behavioural Foundations Of The Italian North-South Divide Cooperation 1
Anita Gantner University Of Innsbruck Distributional Preferences, Risky Choices And Social Interaction Effects: Theory And Experiment Decision Making 1
Jaqueline Garcia-Yi Technical University Of Munich Promoting The Conservation Of The Biodiversity Of Native Chilies Through The Commercialization Of High-Value Processed Food: An Experimental Auction In Bolivia Auctions
Orsola Garofalo Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona Spokesman – To Be Or Not To Be? Decision Making 1
Pierre Garrouste University Nice Sophia Antipolis Are ‘Regard By Others’ And ‘Regard For Others’ Complements Or Substitutes? An Experimental Investigation In A Ultimatum Game Fairness 1
Konstantinos Georgalos University Of York Dynamic Decision Making Under Ambiguity: An Experimental Approach Decision Making 1
Sotiriss Georganas Royal Holloway University Of London Coalition Formation In A Legistative Voting Game Contests & Games
Diogo Geraldes Maastricht University Sex Stereotypes, Strategic Reasoning And Self-Selection Into Competitive Environments Gender
Karina Gose University Of Magdeburg Strike, coordination, and dismissal in uniform wage settings Efforts 1
Manuel Grieder University Of Lausanne Strategic Overconfidence As A Self-Confirming Bias Signaling 1
Jose-Alberto Guerra Ucl Reference Points Formation And Investment Decisions: Theory And Evidence From A Lab-In-The-Field Experiment Risk 2
Luisa Herbst Max Planck Institute For Tax Law And Public Finance, Munich Endogenous Group Formation In Experimental Contests Contests & Games
Roberto Hernan Gonzalez Universidad De Granada, Spain Firing Threats And Tenure: Incentives Effects And Impression Management Efficiency & Productivity 2
Nina Hestermann Toulouse School Of Economics Believe In A Just Wage? The Effect Of Personality On Human Capital Investment Efforts 1
Timo Hoffmann University Of Mannheim The Effect Of Belief Elicitation On Game Play Cognition & Beliefs 1
Astrid Hopfensitz Toulouse School Of Economics What If Women Earned More Than Their Spouse?
An Experimental Investigation Of Work Division In Couples.
Family & Children 1
Britta Hoyer Universität Paderborn Network Disruption And The Common Enemy Effect: An Experiment Networks & Social Networks
David Hugh-Jones Essex Intergroup Revenge: An Experiment On The Causes Social Preferences 2
Maria Chiara Iannino University Of Vienna Stock Splits And Informational-Based Herding Biases & Learning
Marcela Ibanez University Of Goettingen Sorting Through Affirmative Action: Two Field Experiments In
Alessandro Innocenti Università Di Siena Virtual Experiments In Economics. A Methodological Assessment Methodology
Jonathan James University Of Bath Selection Into Policy Relevant Field Experiments Methodology
Ting Jiang University Of Pennsilvania Whom Do You Trust In A Bribery Game? Corruption & Crime 1
Günther Kainz University Of Vienna A Matter Of Trust: Keeping Promises In Negotiations Trust 1
Felix Kaminsky University Of Marburg, Germany Patterns Of Punishment Cooperation 1
Peter Katuscak Cerge-Ei Gender Difference In Risk Aversion Revisited: Gain Vs. Loss Framing Gender
Toshiji Kawagoe Future University Hakodate Affirmative Action In School Choice Problem: An Experiment Fairness 1
Judd Kessler The Wharton School, Upenn Can A Small Nudge Affect Job Choice? Evidence From Teach For America Decision Making 2
Menusch Khadjavi University Of Hamburg Prisoners And Their Dilemma Cooperation 1
Philipp Kircher University Of Edinburgh And London School Of Economics Deciding For Sure Or With Some Probability - Do Choices Coincide? Decision Making 2
Marco Kleine Max Planck Institute For Research On Collective Goods, Bonn Voice Effects On Attitudes Towards An Independent Decision Maker: Experimental Evidence Cognition & Beliefs 3
Carola Kniebes Kiel Institute For The World Economy The Value of Information: The Effects of Information on the Acceptance of Climate Engineering Environment & risk
Christian Koch University Of Mannheim Why Do Wages Not Fall During A Recession? - Experimental Evidence Social Preferences 2
Martin Kocher University Of Munich Endogenous Leadership Groups & Coordination 1
Anita Kopányi-Peuker University Of Amsterdam Does The Fear Of Exclusion Improve Team-Production? Efficiency & Productivity 2
Eva Koscher Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany Fairness Perceptions In Economic Decision Making: Experimental Evidence On Equality And Performance Fairness Fairness 2
Stephan Kroll Colorado State University Avoiding An Uncertain Catastrophe:
A Dynamic Public Good Experiment With Wealth Inequality
Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 1
Amrei Marie Lahno University Of Munich Peer Effects In Risk Taking Risk 2
Matthias Lankau Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany Cooperation Preferences In The Provision Of Public Goods - An Experimental Study On The Effects Of Social Identity Public Goods & Voluntary contributions 2
Fabrice Le Lec Catholic University Of Lille, Lem Umr Cnrs ‘Pricebo’ In The Field: The Effect Of Price On Quality Assessment And On Product Performance Among Cocaine Users Preferences
Thorsten Lehnert Luxembourg School Of Finance Sentiment Trades And Option Prices Cognition & Beliefs 2
Luigi Luini Università Di Siena Public Goods, Inequality And Punishment Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 3
Marianne Lumeau Lemna, University Of Nantes Rating In Real Time And Trust Trust 2
Valeria Maggian University Of Padua Lying Aversion And Social Preferences In Children Family & Children 1
Ester Manna Ulb (Ecares) And University Of Salerno Intrinsically Motivated Agents: Blessing Or Curse For-Profit Maximizing Firms? Groups & Coordination 2
Marta Maras Bocconi University Incentives For Giving: The Effect Of Social Comparison Processes On Individual Donation Behavior Public Goods & Voluntary contributions 2
Lucia Marchegiani Roma Tre University Errors In Group Performance Evaluation And Individual Effort Provision Efforts 2
Silvia Martinez Gorricho University Of Alicante Public Goods: Voluntary Contributions And Risk Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 1
Peter Martinsson University Of Gothenburg The Development Of Cooperation Preferences: Evidence From Four Continents Family & Children 2
Nikhil Masters University Of Nottingham Do Emotional Carryover Effects Carryover? Emotions
Fabio Michelucci Cerge-Ei Does Feedback Really Matter? Revisiting The Role Of Feedback In Auction
Joshua Miller Bocconi University Why Blame? Emotions
Natalia Montinari Max Planck Institute Of Economics Risk, Emotion And Other Regarding Preferences Social Preferences 2
William G Morrison Wilfrid Laurier Universty Risk Taking, Intertemporal Choice And Found Money In The Laboratory Risk 2
Zahra Murad University Of Nottingham Confidence in experimental market entry games: individuals versus groups Tournaments & Contests
Jakob Neitzel University Of Hamburg Normative Conflict And Cooperation In Sequential Social Dilemmas Cooperation 2
Julie Hassing Nielsen University Of Copenhagen Culture And Trust: An Experiment On Trust And Group Behaviour In Denmark And Italy Groups & Coordination 2
Arjan Non Maastricht University The Effects Of Prize Spread And Noise In Elimination Tournaments: A Natural Field Experiment Tournaments & Contests
Daniele Nosenzo School Of Economics, University Of Nottingham Discretionary Sanctions And Rewards In The Repeated Inspection Game Efforts 2
Raimondello Orsini University Of Bologna When Foul Play Seems Fair: Honesty And Belief In An (Un-)Just World Corruption & Crime 2
Stefano Papa Università Di Teramo Trust And Reciprocity: Extensions And Robustness Of Triadic Design.* Trust 2
Ronald Peeters Maastricht University Does Cheap Talk Improve Market Efficiency? Efficiency & Productivity 2
Paulo Peneda Saraiva Nottingham University Business School Experimental Evidence On The Interaction Between Risk And Social Preferences Social Preferences 1
Elena Pikulina Tilburg University Effort, Investment, And Confidence Efforts 2
Laetitia Placido Pse & Cnrs Ambiguity And Compound Risk Attitudes: An Experiment Risk 1
Matteo Ploner University Of Trento Cognitive Aspects Of Social Effects In Risky Choices: An Experimental Investigation Cognition & Beliefs 2
Gert Pönitzsch Kiel Institute For The World Economy Real-Time Provision Of Threshold Public Goods Public Goods & Voluntary contributions 2
Simone Quercia University Of Nottingham Heterogeneous Social Preferences and Framing Effects in Social Dilemmas Cooperation 2
Laura Razzolini Virginia Commonwealth University Is Not Taking Equivalent To Giving In Dictator Games? Fairness 2
Tommaso Reggiani University Of Cologne Severity Vs. Leniency Bias In Performance Appraisal: Experimental Evidence Efficiency & Productivity 1
Gerhard Riener Ifo Institute Munich Heterogeneous Treatment Effects In Groups Groups & Coordination 2
Rainer Rilke University Of Cologne, Business Ethics (Cost Of) Lying In Tournaments Tournaments & Contests
Matteo Rizzolli Free University Of Bozen Let (Not) Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand Does.
A Field Experiment On Signaling Motivation In Donation Behavior
Public Goods & Voluntary contributions 2
Michael Roos Ruhr-University Bochum Decision Type, Risk And Ambiguity Cognition & Beliefs 3
Tatsuyoshi Saijo Kochi University Of Technology Second Thought: Theory And Experiment In Social Dilemma Cooperation 2
Miguel A. Sanchez Villalba University Of Alicante Global Inspection Games (Gig) In The Laboratory Taxes
Adam Sanjurjo Universidad De Alicante Hot Hand, A Cognitive Illusion? Evidence Of Streaky Shooting In A Controlled Basketball Experiment Cognition & Beliefs 3
Patrizia Sbriglia University Of Naples Ii Third Party Punishment And Criminal Behavior: An Experiment With Italian Camorra Prison Inmates Corruption & Crime 2
Norma Schmitt European University Viadrina An Experiment On The Influence Of Stereotypes On Economic Decision-Making Gender
Marina Schroeder University Of Magdeburg Does Monitoring Work? A Field Experiment With Multiple Forms Of Counterproductive Behaviour Efficiency & Productivity 1
Melanie Schröder European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) Income Taxation And Labor Supply: An Experiment On Couple'S Work Effort Family & Children 2
Michael Seebauer Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (Fau) Corporate Social Responsibility In Bertrand Markets: An Experimental Study Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 3
Marta Serra-Garcia University Of Munich Too Good To Be True: On Deception And Credibility Signaling 2
Marco Faillo Università di Trento Team Reasoning Vs Level-K Reasoning: An Experiment On Coordination Games. Groups & Coordination 1
Avichai Snir Netanya Academic College Not All Price Endings Are Created Equal:
Price Points And Asymmetric Price Rigidity
Cognition & Beliefs 2
Ivan Soraperra Max Planck Institute Of Economics Social Responsibility And Ambiguity Aversion: An Experimental Analysis Efficiency & Productivity 1
Nicolas Soulié Université Paris Sud Do Recruiters 'Like' It? Privacy And Social Network Profile In Hiring: A Randomized Experiment Networks & Social Networks
Alec Sproten Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg Efficiency Concerns With Non-Monetary Incentives Efficiency & Productivity 1
Luca Stanca University Of Milano Bicocca Competition And Social Preferences: A Direct Test Of Separability In Public Good Provision Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 3
Huojun Sun University Of Bologna Who Is More Naïve? High Or Low Trustors? Trust 2
Angela Sutan Lessac Esc Dijon Cognitive Processes In Strategic Substitutes And Strategic Complements Beauty Contest Games, A Mouse Scanning Experiment Decision Making 2
Lisette Swart Tinbergen Institute / Vu University Amsterdam Irrational Financial Decision Making? Evidence From A Field Experiment In Rural Nigeria Decision Making 2
Aron Szekely University Of Oxford The Good, The Bad And The Uneasy: Sign And Signal Interactions In Trustworthiness Signalling Signaling 1
Alexander Teytelboym University Of Oxford Auctions For Complements: An Experimental Investigation Auctions
Silvia Tiezzi University Of Siena (I) Time And Tax Aversion Taxes
Maren Tonn Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg One Cannot Cooperate - Cooperation Under Incomplete Information Cooperation 2
Diego Ubfal Bocconi How General Are Time Preferences? Eliciting Good-Specific Discount Rates. Preferences
Verena Utikal Fau Erlangen-Nuremberg Honest And Fake Aplogies Signaling 2
Lorenzo Valmasoni University Of Erlangen-Nuremberg Truth Or Prejudice? An Experiment On Perceptions And Stereotypes. Trust 2
Paul Viefers Diw Graduate Center Choice Behavior In An Optimal Stopping Task Preferences
Nick Vikander University Of Edinburgh Advertising To Status-Conscious Consumers Signaling 2
Nora Vogt University Of Goettingen, Faculty Of Economics Market-Based Provision Of Public Goods Under Environmental Risk:
On The Feasibility Of Long-Term Cooperation
Environment & risk
Matthias Wibral University Of Bonn Myopic Loss Aversion And Changing Feedback Institutions Risk 2
Giulio Zanella University Of Bologna Breast Screening After A Colleague Is Diagnosed With Breast Cancer: A Dynamic Natural Experiment. Decision Making 1
Nan Zhang Stanford University Corruption And Social Norms: An Experimental Investigation Corruption & Crime 2
Mingli Zheng University Of Macau The Relation Between Time Preference, Risk Preference And Resource Allocation Preference Preferences
Lilia Zhurakhovska Max Planck Institute For Research On Collective Goods Words Substitute Fists – The Power Of Justifying Punishment By Explicit Reasons Public Goods & Voluntary Contributions 3
Florian Zimmermann University Of Bonn Correlation Neglect In Belief Formation Signaling 2
Maria Zumbuehl Maastricht University A Model Of Reciprocity On Relationship Formation Family & Children 2




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