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BEELab - Behavioural and Experimental Economics Laboratory

BEELab, the Behavioural and Experimental Economics Lab of the University of Florence, GSDS, the Graduate School of Decision Sciences, and TWI, the Thurgau Institute of Economics of the University of Konstanz, organise the interdisciplinary Workshop on:

Social Norms in Multi-Ethnic Societies
Bridging Behavioural Social Sciences

to be held in Firenze (Italy) on November 2-4, 2017.



Keynote speakers

Simon Gächter
University of Nottingham
The Rule of Law and Voluntary Cooperation:
Experimental Evidence from 43 Societies

Joseph Henrich
Harvard University
The Origins of WEIRD People

Friederike Mengel
University of Essex
Opinion Dynamics

Heiko Rauhut
University of Zurich
Behavioral Measures of Social Norms in Surveys



Workshop programme



Scientific committee:
Giulia Andrighetto – CNR, Italian National Research Council
Leonardo Boncinelli – University of Florence
Sebastian Fehrler – University of Constance
Urs Fischbacher – University of Constance
Wolfgang Gaissmaier – University of Constance
Thomas Hinz – University of Constance
Sven Steinmo – University of Colorado, Boulder
Vincenzo Valori – University of Florence

Local organising committee:
Leonardo Boncinelli
Domenico Colucci
Maria Grazia Pazienza
Chiara Rapallini
Vincenzo Valori



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