BEELab+ research unit

BEELab+, Behavioral and Experimental Economics Lab, is a research unit established at the Department of Economics and Management (DiSEI) of the University of Florence. BEELab+ was founded in 2007 by Domenico Colucci, Maria Grazia Pazienza, Chiara Rapallini and Vincenzo Valori. In 2022, with the creation of a modern experimental laboratory, the group expands to consolidate into a full-fledged research unit. The governance of BEELab+ relies upon two bodies: the Council and the Steering Committee. The Council is composed of DiSEI members who are committed to the long-term development of the research unit's activities. The Steering Committee brings together experts or distinguished scholars in the research field of Behavioral Social Sciences together with representatives from institutions and business. A third group of members are the Research Associates who participate in or lead the projects promoted by the unit.

BEELab+ aims to promote the use of experimental techniques in the social sciences by developing projects in both undergraduate and postgraduate education and by supporting research in economics, management, and political science.

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